Your website will become unusable this October. Move to the latest version of the theme by September 2022 if you still need your site to be active.

Welcome to the support site for the initial version of the WashU Web Theme. Designed specifically for Washington University in St. Louis websites, this template provides Washington University departments and programs with a robust yet easy-to-use WordPress-based content management system. We designed this theme to provide several strategic benefits to our campus partners and to the audiences we need to engage.

More Consistent Experience for Visitors

While the theme allows for customization, it also ensures that each site maintains a strong visual association with the university. For site visitors, this creates a more consistent experience across a range of university websites.

Mobile-Friendly, Easy-to-Use CMS

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS). It is open-source software that’s proven, stable and easy to use. WordPress makes digital publishing simple, without any coding experience or expert knowledge. WordPress is mobile friendly, so your site automatically will look great on mobile devices including phones and tablets.

Flexible page layouts

With a range of flexible page layouts, the WashU Theme provides you with countless solutions for a variety of communication goals. Flexible page layouts include a host of content styles that you can use to organize your information effectively.

Includes University-Specific Content Types

The most commonly used content types are already integrated into the theme, making it easy for you to create staff directories, news feeds, calendars and/or event announcements.

The WashU Web Theme is highly flexible but has some limitations in place to protect its integrity and functionality as well as its visual association with the university. Review the guidelines.