Adding Media

In WordPress, media includes documents, images, audio files and video. Before you add images, size and optimize your images. You can upload media to the library through the dashboard or when you’re on the page. In the dashboard, click on Media and select Add New, then drag and drop your images into the window.

Adding Media to a Page

  1. In the page where you want to add images, click Add Media.
  2. If you haven’t uploaded your image, go to the Upload tab on the top left and drop your image onto the window.
  3. Select the image you’d like to insert. You’ll see that the information associated with that image will appear on the right.
  4. In the Alt Text field, write a short description of what is happening in the image. (This text will not display on the page itself, but is critical for accessibility compliance. For instance, a blind user’s screen reader will read out this short description so the user can gain a full understanding of the page.)
  5. Copy the text in the Alt Text field and paste it into the Description field.
  6. Choose how you would like to align the image.
  7. Choose whether the image should link. In most cases, you’ll want to set this to None. If the image will act as a link, select Custom URL and enter the URL into the box below.
  8. Select a size for the image on this page. WordPress will resize the image accordingly.
  9. Press Add Media.

Tutorial image demonstrating how to add media

Note: If you need to make any changes to this image after it has been inserted, click the image in the content editor. An icon of a pencil will appear in the top left corner of that image. Click the pencil icon, and the system will open up an editor window.

Demonstration of pencil icon and X appearing after clicking an image

Adding Media Using a Link

For some Page Builder blocks, you’ll need to locate the link to your media file directly.

  1. In the dashboard, go to Media > Library.
  2. Select the media file to which you need to link.
  3. Copy the link found under URL, at the right.
  4. Paste the link wherever needed.

You can learn more about adding media on the WordPress Codex.

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