Customizing a People Page

The WashU Web Theme allows you to customize certain features of a people page, such as how many profiles to display, how many columns to display and how many rows to display. As you build your people page, you can also specify which categories to display and whether to allow visitors to view and filter people by category. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your selections.

  1. (Optional) Add Heading text for your people listing.
  2. Make your Element Layout selections: how many columns to display on the page.
  3. Select a Data Source. If you used categories, select which categories to display on the page.
  4. Select Number of posts to display by moving the slider.
  5. Decide whether users can view people by category by enabling or disabling Display filterable categories.
  6. Define the Excerpt length by moving the slider.
  7. Decide whether to Display Social Networks.
  8. Click Save.

Screenshot of people post type settings