Sending an Email Notification in Gravity Forms

In Gravity Forms, you can automatically send a number of emails to administrators and to respondents. Different emails can be sent based on specific responses. If your site is hosted on WashU Sites, you can notify your administrators and respondents using the Formidable Forms plugin.

Send an Email After the Form Is Submitted

  1. In the dashboard, go to Forms.
  2. Under the form you wish to edit, click on Form Settings. Note that if you are already editing a form, the Form Settings link will appear at the top of the page.
  3. Click on Notifications.
  4. You can send multiple emails in a form or use logic to pick which email you want to send when a form is completed. The default the Admin Notification will send a copy of all of the fields to whoever is configured to be the site administrator on your WordPress installation. You can edit this notification or you can add a new one.
  5. When you edit a notification there are many options. The fields that are required to send the submission are:
    • Send To – Determines who receives the email
    • Subject – The subject line on the email
    • Message – The body of the email
  6. Most fields have a small menu that allows you to place the responses the user submitted through the form into the body of your text. For example, using {form_title} will automatically add the form title in the message where it says {form_title}.
  7. When you are done editing your notification, click on Update Notification at the bottom of the page.