Submitting XML Site Maps to Google Webmaster Tools

An XML website is a list of the URLs on your website. It’s not particularly readable for humans, but it’s very informative to search engines. The Yoast SEO Plugin automatically creates XML site maps for your website. They are then available to search engines to crawl, and the plugin updates the XML site map whenever you add content to your site. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to submit the location of your site maps so that it’s especially easy for Google to crawl and index your site.

Find Your XML Site Map

  1. In the dashboard for your site go to SEO > XML Sitemaps.
  2. Make sure the first checkbox, Check this box to enable XML sitemap functionality, is checked. (If it is not, check it, then click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.)
  3. Click the XML Sitemap button that follows the text: You can find your XML Sitemap here.
  4. Note the location of your sitemap(s). They will be similar to:,

Submit It to Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Log in to your Google Webmaster Tools account.
  2. Go to Crawl > Sitemaps.
  3. On the far right of the screen, click the red ADD/TEST SITEMAP button.
  4. In the box that appears, paste your site map’s location as directed. The first part of the URL should already appear in the prompt, so you will need to paste just the remainder of the site map URL. For instance, if your site map’s full location is, you will paste page-sitemap.xml into the prompt.
  5. Click Submit Sitemap.
  6. Repeat for each site map location that the Yoast SEO Plugin provided.