View and Export Submitted Forms in Formidable Forms

Once you’ve created and published your form, you can view any responses and export them as spreadsheets for your use. If your site is not hosted on WashU Sites, you can export your responses using the Gravity Forms plugin.

View Form Submissions

  1. In the dashboard, go to Formidable > Forms.
  2. Click on the form for which you want to see form submissions.
  3. Click on the Entries link at the top of the page. Note: If you accidentally open the wrong form entries, you can always switch forms using the drop-down in the upper right labeled Switch Form.
  4. The entries page by default will not show you all of the data associated with the entry. To see more information about a particular form submission, click View.
  5. (Optional) Sort the data in this list by clicking on the column names at the top and bottom of the field columns.
  6. (Optional) Filter the data by using the search boxes in the upper left.
  7. (Optional) Delete form submissions by hovering over the submission and clicking on the Delete link.

Export Form Submissions to a Spreadsheet

  1. In the Dashboard, go to Forms > Import/Export.
  2. Under Export Format, select CSV.
  3. Check the types of data you wish to export.
  4. Select the form from which you wish to export entries.
  5. Click the Export Selection button to export the entries in .csv format. You can edit the .csv file using using spreadsheet editing software like Microsoft Excel.