Adding and Using Wikis on WashU Sites

As compared to a post, a wiki allows visitors to your site to collaboratively modify, extend or delete the wiki’s content and structure. Wikis created on WashU Sites give users the ability to edit content from the front end without having to access the WordPress admin dashboard.

Activate Wiki plugin

Before you can make any changes, you must activate the wiki plugin:

  1. Go to Plugins in your dashboard.
  2. Click on Activate below the Wiki Plugin.
    Plugins - Wikis

Adding a wiki

Creating a new wiki is similar to creating a new post on your blog:

  1. Go to Wikis > Add Wiki in your dashboard.
    Wikis - Add wiki
  2. Give your wiki page a title.
  3. In the content editor, type the initial content for your Wiki. This can be changed on the front end of your blog at any time later.
    Wiki - Add New
  4. Select who you want to be able to edit from the list in the Wiki Privileges module.
    Wiki Privileges
  5. Deselect Allow Comments in the Discussion module.
  6. Select Enable email notifications if you’d like to get notifications of updates to the wiki page.
    Wiki email notifications
  7. Click on Publish.
    Wiki Publish
  8. Click View Wiki to see your new Wiki.
    Wiki front end

Using the wiki front end editor

  • Edit – Opens the front end editor for quick editing of the wiki page.
  • Create New – Creates a new page for your wiki using the front end editor.
  • Advanced – Opens the Advanced editor in the WordPress admin dashboard for more advanced editing, and to upload images or media to your wiki page. Only people who can edit posts will see the Advanced link.
  • History – Opens the History page where you can quickly compare revision history.