Adding Headings to Pages and Posts

Headings break up the content on your page or post in a logical way that makes it easier for your viewers to find the information for which they are looking. Using the correct heading type is particularly important for accessibility since screen readers rely on headings to navigate through longer page or post content.

Adding Headings to Your Pages and Posts

  1. Navigate to the page or post you’d like to change and click Edit at the top of the screen.
  2. Highlight the text that you’d like to change to a heading style.
  3. If it isn’t open, click the Toolbar Toggle button In the content editor.
  4. Click on the down arrow for Paragraph (next to the Formats tab) and select the appropriate heading style.
  5. When you are finished with your page, click Update.

Headings are essential to your page's readability and accessibility.