Adding Accordions

Accordions easily display large amounts of information in a small space by hiding away that content until it is selected by the user. Be careful to only use the accordion in cases where users will be looking for information in only one or two of the tabs.

  1. Navigate to the page where you would like to add the accordion.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. In the content editor, click on where you would like the accordion to appear.
  4. Find the Insert Shortcodes button, with 2 brackets([]) above the content editor.
  5. In the dialogue box, click Accordion.
  6. Under Tab Title, enter the content you’d like to display when the accordion is closed.
  7. Under Tab Content, enter the content that you’d like to appear when the accordion is open.
  8. Select the radio button Make this the active tab if you’d like to have the accordion tab open when the page opens.
  9. To create a new tab, click Add Tab and then repeat steps 6-8.
  10. Click Ok.
  11. Click Update.