Your website will become unusable this October. Move to the latest version of the theme by September 2022 if you still need your site to be active.

We’ve created tutorials, guides and other resources to help you understand features and settings for your site. If you can’t find a solution via our online resources, or if you just prefer to talk to a human, we are here to help.

One-on-One Trainings

If you signed up for a site before July 2017, then a one-on-one WashU Sites trainings session is available to you. At our training sessions you will learn about important features and settings for building out your site as well as tips to take your site to the next level.

Have specific questions for our experts?  Contact us to schedule a one-on-one training session.

Getting your own theme site

To build your own website in the WashU Web Theme right away, visit and learn about WashU Sites, Washington University in St. Louis’ self-service Web publishing service.