The Home Page with Feature Boxes design is intended to showcase three content items that may or may not be updated regularly. This layout calls attention to these items with the option of using images.

This layout is recommended for static sites with evergreen content that has compelling visual content for at least three feature items.

Note that in the Page Builder, the three items you see on this page are actually called text boxes. To create this layout, drag and drop three text boxes into the Page Builder and then select the Image option in the Element Layout. A step-by-step Home Page with Feature Boxes tutorial is included in the Resources section.


A standard text box is another way to feature internal pages on the home page. You can add an icon or image (like we have here), you can use a gauge or just use text.


These are the most flexible of the page builder tools since it has a full content editor. Check out this page to see some of the ways you can use it.

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