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When to Use the Slider

When one or more content items demand attention or action, the slider feature is an excellent tool to showcase this content and allow for easy navigation directly to an internal page for more details.

Check the Style Guide

Using Images

Slider images must be at least 1280 x 400 pixels. The image should compel visitors to click through to its related story. Visit the image resource page for more tips on image use with the theme.

Explore Image Examples

Update Often

If a site is more static in nature, the standard home page or home page with text boxes are better solutions.

Explore Page Layouts

Through compelling imagery that changes regularly, the slider feature on this home page layout directs visitors to specific pages within the site.

The slider is intended for home pages whose feature stories change regularly so as to entice visitors to check back often and see something fresh. The layout is recommended for dynamic sites, whose content is frequently updated, requires timely attention and, often, one or more calls to action.

Use verbs in the call to action button to clearly direct visitors to a desired action. In one of the examples above, the button encourages viewers to consult the Washington University Style Guide.

To learn more about editing a home page slider, view the step-by-step home page with slider tutorial.

This can also be used to feature one of the internal pages on the site, or you can say something really important and not use the button. There are two looks for this: one in red (seen here) and one in gray. It can span the whole width of the page or half. Generally, this style appears at the bottom of the page. Note: Do not use this style to feature any external links.


A standard text box is another way to feature internal pages on the home page. You can add an icon or image (like we have here), you can use a gauge or just use text.


These are the most flexible of the Page Builder tools, as they have a full content editor. Check out this page to see some of the ways you can use it.

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