Image Sizes

In addition to standard in-text images, elements in our theme require specific image sizes to display correctly. Be sure to keep these dimensions in mind as you select and edit photos for your site.

Slider Images

Sliders and images that span the width of the browser will need to be a minimum of 1440 pixels wide. In most cases, you will add this image by placing the Nova Slider page builder block into the page heading section of the Page Builder. The required dimensions for an image in this space are 1440 x 360 pixels. If those dimensions are not met, the image will not be cropped to the appropriate size.

In-Text Images

You can insert images into the text by clicking Add Media in the editor. Luckily, you don’t have to upload a multitude of images of varying sizes. WordPress can resize images within the text. When adding media, you can select one of four options: ThumbnailMediumLarge and Full size. Read more about adding media.


Full-Width Images

An image will need to be a minimum of 940 pixels wide in order to span the width of the page content (with no sidebar) without getting pixelated. In most cases, a full-width image is positioned at the top of the page in the content editor. The Office of Public Affairs uses Photoshop to resize images. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can use a free editor like Picasa.



In WordPress, you can choose between the alignment options of NoneLeftRight and Center. On this page, the full-width example has no alignment. In contrast, here is an image floated left. If you align an image to the right or left, the text will wrap around it.

resizeThe same is true of images floated to the right. Any text surrounding the image will wrap around it. In this case, we’ve resized the image to have a width of 300 pixels. If you’re going to use both right and left alignment on the page (as we have done), be sure to leave some space and text between the images. It’s a good rule of thumb to give at least three to four lines of text before you insert the next image.

Items Photos

On an items page, items are displayed in the grid format. The minimum width for images in the grid format is 460 pixels. The ideal dimensions for images set as the featured image in the items post type are 460 x 260 pixels.

Item Sizes

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People Photos

The minimum width for images used as the featured image for people profiles is 458 pixels. The people feature uses square images, so the ideal dimensions for the featured images are 458 x 458 pixels.

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