Building Events Pages

Once you decide that an events page will help you to present upcoming events on your website, use these tutorials to create and display your events.

First, build each individual event detail post and then create the events page that summarizes all upcoming events. New event detail posts will automatically be added to this page.

Create an Event Post

By Public Affairs on March 31, 2015

Event posts give visitors detailed information about a particular event. They can include a featured image, galleries and a detailed description of the event. Learn how to create an event post.

Create an Events Page

By Public Affairs on March 30, 2015

Useful for upcoming events and events archives, an event page displays summaries of your event posts. Learn how to set up your events page.

Customizing the Events Page Builder Block

By Public Affairs on February 28, 2015

The events page builder block has multiple settings that allow you to choose to display future or past events or limit the number of events showing on the page at a particular time. Learn how to change these settings.

Changing Layouts for Custom Post Types

By Public Affairs on February 17, 2015

You can customize the appearance and layout of your events, people, news and items pages and posts. Learn about layout options and how to change them.