Page Builder

The flexible content styles of the theme can be arranged in a variety of ways on pages throughout a site using the easy-to-use, drag and drop Page Builder.

The Page Builder is found just below the page content text box inside the Page Editor.

Step-by-Step Page Builder Instructions

  1. Go to top bar and hover over “+New”.
  2. Select Page.
  3. Enter the Title (this also gives your URL).
  4. Scroll down to the Page Builder section.
  5. Select the first content type you’d like to add to your page.
  6. Go to the appropriate tab (Posts, Custom, Sliders, Contact, Sidebars)
    • Posts: People, Blog Layout, Item Layout, Quotes, Partners, Events
    • Custom: Fancy Text, Heading, Page Content, Custom Content, Tabs, Text Box
    • Sliders: Slider, Nova Slider
    • Contact: Contact Form, Map,
    • Sidebars: Blog Sidebar, Main Right Sidebar
  7. Drag and drop the content block into the workspace.
  8. Many content types have options that can be edited by clicking on the pencil in the lower left corner of the Page Builder block. Depending on the content type you’ve chosen, you may also need to add content by clicking on the pencil.

Page Builder Video Demonstration

For a visual demonstration of how to use the WashU theme’s Page Builder function, watch the video below. You’ll see how easy it is to use this drag-and-drop feature to:

  • select and add content blocks
  • resize and move content blocks
  • edit content blocks